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Will New Technology from Arccos Improve Your Game?

Golfers tend to think they have a pretty good idea of where our strengths and weaknesses on the golf course lie. I would always say that my long iron cost me the most shots, but my play around the greens saved me some of those back. But a few rounds with Arccos trackers on your clubs (that go in the butt of the grip) will pretty much…

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Did Costco Just Change the Golf Ball Market?

Something strange happened at the beginning of 2017. A golf ball from Costco became the most sought-after ball in the market. At $1.25 a ball the Kirkland signature undercuts pretty much every well-known brand out there, which in many markets would mean automatic success. But golf usually works differently. Golfers like brand names and they tend to associate…

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Syngenta Reveals Advice on Attracting Women to Golf

Promoting golf to women is sometimes seen as an exercise in gender-equality. Taking the traditional male sanctuary and opening its opportunities to women is perceived to be, by some, simply a chance to make a sport more welcoming in order to improve its image. But with a potential additional $35 billion on offer from the female market, attracting women to golf is something that can no…

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How to Beat Slow Play in Golf?

Golf is slow, we’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it many more times. But who is to blame? Is it the beginner who takes 12 shots to get it to the green on the first hole? Or is it the weekly-medal player who thinks they must stare at their putt for five…

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Growth in Golf: Does TopGolf Have the Answer?

Topgolf has taken the American golf and leisure industry by storm over the last few years. Their loud and vibrant locations, where you play golf whilst eating dinner, drinking beer and listening to music, have attracted all sorts of new players. But maybe most interestingly, Topgolf’s participation rate for…

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